Therapeutic And Stimulating Activities Dementia Care Xenia, OH

Dementia Care Xenia, OH
Studies have shown that mental stimulation is highly therapeutic for people with cognitive disorders. Therefore our care goals always focus on providing pursuits that keep our residents actively engaged. Activities help residents structure their time and elevate their well-being by giving purpose and meaning to their everyday life.

Some of the most meaningful activities are those that can be linked to hobbies or interests the individual had before their diagnosis. Music is one such pastime that has the power to awaken pathways to reach people otherwise unreachable. Pristine of Xenia has joined a program that promotes the use of personalized music through iPods and headsets. The healing power of listening to familiar tunes touches heart and soul and has the ability to activate more parts of the brain than any other stimulus. The documentary “Alive Inside” demonstrates this unique approach developed by Dan Cohen.
Other ways that Pristine of Xenia is changing the direction of care for dementia and memory loss residents is through two other soothing new therapies. Spinoza, a therapeutic talking bear, has a comfortable physical presence and a library of cassette tapes that have the capacity to calm in a soft and comfortable voice. We also have the Stargazer light therapy. This peaceful tool casts a tranquil display of an illuminated night sky in hues of blue and green which puts excited and agitated patients at ease or to sleep within minutes, allowing us the opportunity to reduce medication by over 70%. Dementia Care Xenia, OH

A Sensitive And Caring Staff

Dementia and memory loss residents have unique behaviors and needs. That’s why our state-tested nurse aides have all been specifically trained to care and assist these residents in a way that maintains their dignity and treats them with respect. A neuropsychologist and psychiatrist are available to help develop the most effective care plan and provide as needed services and consultations. We are passionate about our commitment to provide those with dementia a secure and comforting place to call home

Dealing with dementia is not only challenging, it can also be very frightening. At Pristine Senior Living and Post-Acute Care, our facilities are equipped to offer the specialized care and safe, comfortable environment needed for individuals coping with every stage of dementia and memory loss.